Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Tournament of School Movie Bullies (Bracket One)

I've always been a big fan of coming-of-age type movies, and as a former male youth that wasn't the most popular kid in school I fell right into the mold of most of the protagonists. I didn't really have a main bully in elementary, middle, or high school but I went through my fair share of dealing with dickheads. It's easy to be a run-of-the-mill d-bag bully but it takes a special one to reach the next level of bullydom. Featured in this tournament are some of the most classic film bullies from the past couple of decades, and this is my opportunity to see who can "bully" their way to the top. See what I did there?

There are 16 entrants, classic tournament style. Of course I had to leave some out, and if you can think of any that are sorely left out than let me know, maybe I can do a little wild card round or something. Each round will be a competition in classic bully traits, intimidation factors, preferred weapons, and of course, bullying achievements. At the end, one bully will reign supreme. This will be a running tournament, but don't be surprised to catch some other features as well in the meantime.

Today I will post the first bracket, and tomorrow I will post the second. Game on.                 
                             Ace Merrill (Stand By Me)                         


            Buddy Repperton (Christine) 

                        Fred O'Bannion (Dazed and Confused)


                         Jim (Edward Scissorhands)

                       Stan Gable (Revenge of the Nerds) 


               Regina George (Mean Girls)

               Roy Stalin (Better Off Dead)


                      Teddy Beckerstead (One Crazy Summer)

Stay tuned to see who shows up in the second bracket!

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