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Why Disneyland Florida is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

Why Disneyland Florida is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

Disneyland, DisneyWorld or Walt Disney World – whatever you call it (and the latter is the official name) everybody knows that it is the main attraction for a family holiday to Florida. 

The biggest Disney theme park is also the world’s most-visited entertainment resort. It is made up of four separate theme parks, two water parks, twenty three on site hotels and numerous spas, fitness centers and other entertainment.


Originally developed in the 1960′s as a sister venue to the existing Disneyland in California, DisneyWorld finally opened in 1971 and today offers such a wide range of attractions that there truly is something for all ages, making it the perfect destination for a family holiday.

Although the European version of Disneyland outside of Paris is within easy reach of the UK, Florida has many aspects that make for a more magical and memorable family holiday.

A long haul plane journey has the feel of an ‘adventure’ and can add a huge dash of excitement for all ages and of course one of the main reasons anyone holidays in Florida is that it is officially the warmest state of all in the USA, virtually guaranteeing all-year round good weather. The nickname of the “Sunshine State” comes about because the subtropical climate gives an average daily temperature of seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

Walt Disney World is situated in Lake Buena Vista which lies twenty-one miles to the southwest of the city of Orlando, which many visitors choose as the base of their stay. Orlando claims the tile of “the holiday capital of the world” and has a wide range of attractions to back it up.

The famous shopper strip ‘International Drive’ is the location for a series of major shopping malls that cater for every budget and is a surefire attraction for those who take their shopping duties seriously.

Other major attractions situated in or within easy distance of the city include the Universal and MGM film studios which are massively popular with movie fans for the insights they provide and the behind the scenes secrets which they reveal.


Despite their massive popularity, man-made attractions are only a small part of what a holiday in Florida has to offer. The coastline around the peninsula that makes up the State is over 1,300 miles long and includes arguably the most famous national park in the USA; the Everglades.

There is also the fact that a mix of Central American, indigenous Indian, European and Hispanic cultures make a unique hotchpotch of influences out of which comes a unique general lifestyle.

Of course, the real family attraction remains Disneyland in Florida because it provides unforgettable life-long memories for the younger members of the family whilst having major rides capable of bringing out the youngster in people of all ages.

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Top 3 October Days Out for all The Family

Top 3 October Days Out for all The Family

Ah, October. The time where summer makes way for autumn, the leaves start to fall from the trees and the beginning of beautiful, crisp sunny days.

But for many families, October also signifies the run-up to the first academic half term. Now I know what you’re thinking; just where has the time gone, right?  It only feels like yesterday you were packing the kids off for their first day back at school, and now the half term holidays have somehow managed to sneak up on you again.


You’re once again left with the mammoth task of planning how to keep them entertained for the duration of the break. With the British weather so unpredictable, it’s difficult to plan activities to which you can let them run riot and cause havoc outside. So, you’ve got to some thinking to do.

As well as keeping the children amused, you too are deserved of enjoying the time you’ve taken off from work to look after the family.

So, here are some great ideas for days out that all the family can enjoy and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And, who knows, you might learn something new too!

Halloween Scarefest – Alton Towers

Now, you can’t think of the month of October without thinking of Halloween.

During the 13th – 14th October and the 19th – 31st October, Alton Towers are putting on the ultimate Halloween event. With thrill-seeking rides, amazing attractions, jam-packed live shows and costumed characters, there’s something for the whole family.

If you’re perhaps looking to make the most of the Halloween celebrations, the hotel rooms are totally transformed into a complete spook-fest, with themed rooms and facilities.  With the theme park also open until 21.00, you can ride the rides after dark to really add to the experience!

The day out is also a good chance to get some great photos of the kids as they explore the park and meet some ghostly characters. It could also make for fun, original Halloween cards; simply print off the best photos on your all in one printer when you get home, pop them on some card and away you go!

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre based at Bankside, London, is also a great attraction for the whole family.

By learning about one of the country’s finest playwright’s, both you and the children can explore a variety of William Shakespeare’s plays, take a tour of the globe itself, see actors perform and even get the chance to act out some his most famous acts themselves.

Up until the 14th October, the Globe is also running an exclusive tea and tour package. So, whilst the kids are out exploring, you can take a guided tour of the theatre with one of their expert storytellers. This is then rounded off with a selection of sandwiches, scones, tea and cakes, in company of the elegant surroundings of the River Thames.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Looking for an attraction that will leave the kids amazed and speechless? Well, all enjoy a little peace and quiet every now and then…

Well, London’s Ripley’s Believe It Or Not at London’s Picadilly Circus is certainly the number one place for that. With a collection of over 700 of the world’s most weird and wonderful people, animals and facts, this museum is certainly one of a kind. Set across 5 floors, this attraction is guaranteed to delight the whole family.
For a small extra cost, you can all attempt to tackle the utterly mind-boggling Mirror Maze – it’s sure to leave the kids amazed and exhausted just in time for the journey home!

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Australia by rail. Take a scenic feast of this great land!

Australia by rail. Take a scenic feast of this great land!

If there’s one thing Australia isn’t short on, it’s land! Far away from the laneways of the culturally-rich metropolitan jungles and contrasting urban sprawls, you can find seemingly endless highways that provide hour after hour of filmic landscape. From the red sands of the far north to the lush green of the south, there’s much to see about this great land of Australia.

There’s more than one way to tour Oz, but if you’re looking for an unrivalled scenic journey, travelling by rail is a great way to take in the landscape while relaxing in the best possible manner.

Here are our top-tips for some of the best rail journeys in Australia.

Indian Pacific Rail Tour

Travelling along ribbons of steel, you’ll glide cross-country with views of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the impressive Blue Mountains and stops for off-train sightseeing tours. This three-day-journey begins from Perth, climbing through the picturesque Avon Valley and into Western Australia’s stretching wheat belt.

Pushing on to the Nullarbor Plain, the landscape takes on a richer hue through the natural mallee scrubs, bluebush plants and saltbush plants. Shuffling through Adelaide where you’ll be able to either punctuate your trip with a rest for a few days, or simply stay aboard, the train then sets course through farm country with a grand finale of the spectacular Blue Mountains.

Spirit of the Outback

Offered a quick, but memorable, 24-hour journey from Brisbane to Longreach, the Spirit of the Outback is second on our hot-list. Whether lounging in the berths or seated in air conditioned comfort, the landscape of Queensland’s outback opens up in full view through the cabin windows. The desert sand dunes with its red hills make for some great holiday snaps.

You’ll be treated with some Aussie treats along your journey, and can chill out in the board lounge with the other travellers while sipping drinks and taking in the sights.

The trip is punctuated by several stops in historic towns; including Barcaldine, Emerald and Blackwater. Emerald is one stop you’d do well to stretch your legs at, and while you’re there you can check-out the largest outdoor Van Gogh sunflower painting at Morton Park, standing at an impressive 25 meters high!

The Kuranda Scenic Railway

This railway tour is a quick, but nonetheless unforgettable 90-minute journey from Cairns to the tropical rainforest of Kuranda. There are unparalleled views of steep ravines, cascading waterfalls and tropical canopies within the Barron Gorge National Park. Constructed in the late 1800s, you’ll be treated to an awesome privilege as you travel through the 37 bridges and 15 handmade tunnels by the pioneers of North Queensland.

If you’re looking to add some more fun to your rail journey, you can take a trip on the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway an exhilarating experience offering a fantastic perspective of Barron Gorge.

The Southern Spirit

For an alternate scenic adventure, you can book a trip between Brisbane and Adelaide via Melbourne on the Southern Spirit for days of adventure and beautiful scenery.

The rail tour snakes through four states, as you take in the views of the Eastern Seaboard and Great Dividing Range right from the privacy of your platinum-service cabin! Standing at over 7,000 feet high, Mt. Kosciusko of the Australian Alps will drop your jaw, and suffice it to say; the Great Dividing Range is one of the most beautiful locations in Australia.

For any insatiable adventurers out there, you can take full advantage of the Whistle Stop Tours of Byron Bay, Hunter Valley, Albury-Wodonga on the Murray River and the grandiose Grampians National Park – all of which are tours included in your fare.

The Ghan

The Ghan is a remarkable journey to the two jewels of the Red Centre and the tropical Top End in southern Australia, where you can experience three days of unsurpassed scenery.

Each day begins with a fresh panorama of changing landscape, as the majestic Flinders Ranges and the sweeping Adelaide Plans unfold a portrait of natural splendour. Cobalt blue skies and red earth typifies the character of this journey. Entering the Top End, the terrain mellows with picturesque flora dominating the landscape.

Why not try something different for your next holiday? Climb aboard one of Australia’s many rail adventures for a unique ride through the heartlands, taking a look at what’s in your own backyard!


If you’re travelling within Australia and in need of affordable airfares, you’ll be sure to find cheap flights to get you on that train fast!

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Attractions to Visit in Spain

Attractions to Visit in Spain

young-happy-tourist-couple-riding-segway-enjoying-city-tour-in-madrid-palace-in-spainIf you are looking for a wonderful place to visit on your next holiday or vacation, then the hands down choice should be Spain. Spain is a country with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has more to offer than just about any other country. With wonderful people and great weather, you couldn’t do any better than finding low cost airlines for Spain flights for your next vacation.


While Spain has numerous places to visit and take in the scenery, one of the best places is the capital city Madrid. Madrid has a very vibrant culture and is filled with various museums and historical buildings as well. One of the first places you should visit is the Golden Museum Triangle.

This is where you will get the chance to look at some of the finest art collections in the classical art period along with other collections that come from all over Spain and various other European countries. Then, you can head over to the Reina Sofia National Museum and Art Center, which houses Madrid’s best collection of modern art, including works from Picasso, Dali, Bacon, and even

In fact, there are so many different museums and places of history to visit, that you should plan on more than just a couple of days being there. Actually, with all the things that you will want to see, you should probably think about staying a week or two so that you don’t feel like you missed out on anything.


There are plenty of restaurants that you are going to want to try as well as seeing the museums and historical buildings, and you will never get tired of the laid back lifestyle that is prevalent in the area. When it comes to a great vacation that you and your family will remember for a lifetime, there is no better place to go than Madrid and the surrounding area.

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Get a Better Deal by Using Car Rental Companies Away from Airports

Get a Better Deal by Using Car Rental Companies Away from Airports


If you’re a traveler and need to often rent a car, there are some things to consider. Among them are the pickup and return locations, the selections, features and price. Large airports always have hubs where you can rent and pick up your car. But the convenience will most likely cost you in other ways.

First of all is the price. If you go to an offsite company to rent your car, it’s always going to be less expensive. The airport is obviously more convenient, but this lets the service to raise their rates. Their overheads are probably higher, too, and these get passed on to the customers. Offsite rentals let you save money.

Offsite companies have more car selections. Most airports have slightly limited inventory because of the available space. Offsite companies will have a larger selection of cars to pick from because they’ve got more room to put the cars.

The features offered by the offsite rental companies are usually more inclusive than the airport services. You’ll get more amenities that will make your trip more comfortable and affordable. You can’t beat that.


Since offsite companies aren’t at the airport, you’re not going to stand in line with a flood of people getting off the planes and wanting to be first in line. Instead, you’ll have more personalized service. If you’re new to the city and have questions, the staff will have time to help you.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of using an offsite car rental company. It might make more sense to use airport car hire, but in the end, it’s much cheaper and more advantageous to take a shuttle or cab to the offsite company. This is especially true when you consider the cheaper rates and more amenities.


When you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there’s a lot to do to prepare. So you shouldn’t ever just settle. While airport car rental services do have conveniences to offer you, if you’ve got the time to plan and locate the best services, you may do better to use offsite car rental services. Be sure to check out your options before making a final decision.

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Bristol Nights Out, Guide on Where to Go and Stay


Bristol serves as a temporary home to more than 44,000 students, which means that there is always somewhere to go in the evening, no matter what day of the week it may be. A number of the venues here offer special deals on drinks to attract customers, and the nightlife scene is very vibrant throughout Bristol. What follows is information on Bristol nights out, a guide on where to go and stay.


Visitors to Bristol who want to avoid the student scene will also find plenty of chilled out establishments in which to enjoy a drink or two. The atmosphere at many of the pubs and bars that can be found along Kings Street tends to be rather relaxing, and there is a special outdoor drinking area that is ideal for watching the world go by accompanied by a drink in the summer. Drinkers will also find some of Bristol’s most historic pubs in this part of the city, such as the 17th-century Llandoger Trow.


People who want to go clubbing while they are in Bristol will be able to take their pick from numerous vibrant night clubs. There is a good selection of popular night clubs to be found on Stokes Croft and Gloucester Road, while lovers of live music will also be able to here bands play in this area in the evenings. The Pipe and Slippers is one of the best places to soak up the nightlife scene here, while other great options include the Bell, the Croft, the Prince of Wales and the Flyer.


Park Street is also a good place to head if you are planning to strut your stuff on the dance floor. Top picks in this area include the Woods, the Black Bear, Brown’s and Embargo.

Accommodation in the city comes in all shapes and sizes, and people who are on a budget will be able to find plenty of great places to stay in Bristol. Perhaps the largest concentration of hotels and guesthouses can be found just to the northwest of the city centre. Find out more about cheap hotels in Bristol here.

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Facts You Should Know When Traveling to Finland

Facts You Should Know When Traveling to Finland



When planning a vacation, Finland may not be a destination that you immediately think of. However, this country is totally interesting and fun to visit. Have a look at the following interesting facts about Finland:


  1. The Sauna was invented in Finland and more than 60 percent of the population there has in-home Saunas. Finnish people are very proud of inventing the Sauna and using it is taken seriously.
  2. A significantly high percentage of race car drivers seem to come from Finland. Most recently, names such as Salo, Kovalainen, and Raikkonen have become well known in the racing world.
  3. During the summer, there are a few weeks where it’s barely ever dark. At the peak of summer, it’s possible to actually read a newspaper at 3:00AM because the skies are still quite light.
  4. Located in the far north of Finland, Lapland is known as the home of Father Christmas. Here it stays dark for many months during the winter. If you’re a sun worshiper, this would be a hard place to live because it’s dark for nearly 24 hours a day.
  5. Finland was the first country worldwide that allowed all women to vote.
  6. The language of the Finnish people is rather unique and unlike any other language worldwide. It’s also rather difficult for visitors to learn due to the style and rules of it.
  7. If you’re interested in doing a well-rounded tour, Finland is ideally located. In fact, Helsinki can be your central location for visiting the neighboring countries.
  8. The popular drink in Finland is Vodka. Both men and women enjoy it and the women can hold their own.
  9. Visiting Finland during the winter means you should dress and pack for some pretty cold weather. It’s not unusual for the temperature to be below zero during the peak winter months.
  10. If you’re planning to visit Finland during the summer months, expect some lovely sunny weather. Be sure to bring your swimsuits and warm weather clothes for enjoying parks and the countryside.


Whenever you decide to travel to Finland, there will be something to delight you. It just depends on what you’re hoping to do while you’re there.

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