Three Destinations for a Cheap Greek Holiday

Three most popular destinations to visit in Greece is Pireus, otherwise known as the famous Athens, Kefalonia and Rhodes. There are many other destinations to see while in Greece, however, these are the areas that are most recommended for those that are first coming to the area, as well as those that want to see what is considered the most beautiful landscapes in all of Greece. You can get great cheap holidays to Greece so get out there and spoil yourself!



Athens is the must see place for those that are taking a cruise to the area since it has the Greek culture that people expect. The area offers traditional architecture, as well as two of the must see places in the entire world. The Acropolis and the Parthenon are two places in which those who have been in any history class in the United States have learned about, being able to see these places in person is a once in a lifetime event. And one that can only happen if the person travels to Athens. When in the area, people should be certain to travel the city and sample the cuisine that is considered some of the best in all of Greece since it still relies on the history of the area, and this can be tasted in every food that is tasted.



Kefalonia is the place that any person who is just getting to Greece should visit. The people in the area are warm and receptive of visitors, making everyone feel welcome. In addition, this is where the photographs of Greece that people see throughout the world are usually taken because the beaches are beautiful and there are overabundances of olive groves that are picture perfect. The Makris Gialos Beach is probably the most photographed beach in the entire world and is worthy of the time to seek out and spend some time on.


Rhodes is a place that you must visit. Thus, those that are taking a Greece holiday must be sure to stop into the area. The most dominating feature that people come to see on the island is the medieval castle that dominates the shore. This is a beautiful piece of architecture that any person is going to find appealing. For those that do get to venture to the island, they should be certain to check out not only the castle, but the Palace of Grand Master of Knights, which is one of the most interesting things to do while on the island.

Taking a holiday to Greece is going to be wonderful, however, be sure to check out these three destinations in order to make sure that you get to experience everything that Greece has to offer.

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