Why Disneyland Florida is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

Disneyland, DisneyWorld or Walt Disney World – whatever you call it (and the latter is the official name) everybody knows that it is the main attraction for a family holiday to Florida. 

The biggest Disney theme park is also the world’s most-visited entertainment resort. It is made up of four separate theme parks, two water parks, twenty three on site hotels and numerous spas, fitness centers and other entertainment.


Originally developed in the 1960′s as a sister venue to the existing Disneyland in California, DisneyWorld finally opened in 1971 and today offers such a wide range of attractions that there truly is something for all ages, making it the perfect destination for a family holiday.

Although the European version of Disneyland outside of Paris is within easy reach of the UK, Florida has many aspects that make for a more magical and memorable family holiday.

A long haul plane journey has the feel of an ‘adventure’ and can add a huge dash of excitement for all ages and of course one of the main reasons anyone holidays in Florida is that it is officially the warmest state of all in the USA, virtually guaranteeing all-year round good weather. The nickname of the “Sunshine State” comes about because the subtropical climate gives an average daily temperature of seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

Walt Disney World is situated in Lake Buena Vista which lies twenty-one miles to the southwest of the city of Orlando, which many visitors choose as the base of their stay. Orlando claims the tile of “the holiday capital of the world” and has a wide range of attractions to back it up.

The famous shopper strip ‘International Drive’ is the location for a series of major shopping malls that cater for every budget and is a surefire attraction for those who take their shopping duties seriously.

Other major attractions situated in or within easy distance of the city include the Universal and MGM film studios which are massively popular with movie fans for the insights they provide and the behind the scenes secrets which they reveal.


Despite their massive popularity, man-made attractions are only a small part of what a holiday in Florida has to offer. The coastline around the peninsula that makes up the State is over 1,300 miles long and includes arguably the most famous national park in the USA; the Everglades.

There is also the fact that a mix of Central American, indigenous Indian, European and Hispanic cultures make a unique hotchpotch of influences out of which comes a unique general lifestyle.

Of course, the real family attraction remains Disneyland in Florida because it provides unforgettable life-long memories for the younger members of the family whilst having major rides capable of bringing out the youngster in people of all ages.

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